The National Road

. . . a photographic journey - by Clarence Carvell


Historical Notes

Casselman River Bridge, Grantsville, Maryland

The Casselman River Bridge is located just east of Grantsville, Maryland, in a small town known as Penn Alps. Built in 1813-14, the bridge is a high, single arch design that may have been built much bigger than needed in hopes of the Casselman River becoming part of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. The area which became known as Little Crossings, a name given it by George Washington, became a busy center of commerce. The bridge remained in use until 1933 when a new steel bridge was constructed just a few hundred away. The bridge has been partially restored and is now the focal point of the Casselman River Bridge State Park.

Flat Iron Building, Brownsville, Pennsylvania

The Flatiron Building, located on Market Street (National Road) in downtown Brownsville was constructed in the 1830's and currently serves as offices for the Historical Society and Museum.

Wilson School, Clear Spring, Maryland (Courtesy Lewis and Frances Horst)

Washington County's only remaining one-room schoolhouse was built in 1855 by Rufus Wilson for the education of his son, John. Today, after years of buying antiques for the local treasure, the school looks as though the Wilson pupils just went to recess and didn't return.

Frances and Lewis Horst purchased the school in 1987 and began its restoration. Antique wooden desks with inkwells and time-aged books form orderly rows in the school room. Small lunch pails and vintage clothing hang in a small cloak room at the entrance. Oil lamps provide light for teacher. The Horsts have even added a dunce hat to the collection, as well as a blackboard and Old Glory for the Pledge of Allegiance.

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