The National Road

. . . a photographic journey - by Clarence Carvell


Friends of the National Road Project

The project has grown out of a love for history, love for country, love for the open road and especially a love for photographs that take me back to earlier years. Along the way a lot of people have contributed to my enjoyment of making these photographs and to the enjoyment of discovery. They all deserve credit for making this project a success.

Roderick Barr, who accompanied me on dozens of trips and who served as my strongest critic throughout the project. It was while photographing with Rod that I realized both the challenges and the possibilities of the National Road Project.

Marti Carvell, my wife and frequent companion, who sometimes sat with me for hours while we waited for just the right light that never came. It was mostly through her encouragement that kept the project going when I sometimes felt enough is enough.

Jaromir Stephany, my college mentor, who propelled me beyond a mere collector of photographs. Through his counseling I realized that the making of historical and meaningful photographs was my greatest desire, indeed my destiny, as a photographer.

Frank VanRiper, friend and immense source of encouragement. In Frank's words, "it's time to stop photographing and start writing." His own writing has been my inspiration to get the book underway.

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